Often times we forget about all the great events happening around Benzie County. As I sat in a Benzie Grand Vision meeting we sat and discussed how hard it is to reach new volunteers, or get the word out to folks interested in events, and how there was no one-stop-calendar for all the events.

Eventually, the idea of a Shared Calendar hit me and this is the project you see before you. One person or organization would have trouble gathering all the events in the county unless it was their only responsibility. However, a true community calendar is one that anyone in the community can add an event that is visible to all other members of the community. By having shared calendars, an individual or an organization can add events to a calendar and everyone who is subscribed to that calendar can see the events. This website takes it one step further by making these calendars viewable by anyone visiting the website.

There are costs associated with operating a website, keeping it up to date, and building it from scratch. Thus, there are advertisements on the site and sponsorship areas to help defer these costs.

Thank you for visiting,
-Jordan Bates